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WD 8F 2-10-0

WD 2-10-0 73784 BR purchased 25 of the 2-10-0 version of the WD type which became noted for their sterling work in and around the Scottish coalfields. However, the spotters on a visit to Feltham loco shed probably couldn't believe their luck when they were confronted with 73784, later renumbered 90760 by BR, ex-works in December 1948.
This relatively small class enjoyed a short lifespan compared with its 2-8-0 counterpart as all had been withdrawn by the end of 1962 and were outlived by some of their smaller cousins by some five years. Their legacy lived on, however, in the form of the BR Standard 9F class which was to some extent based on the WD 2-10-0s.

photograph: W.J.Wyse/Mike Morant collection

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