Sand Traffic

One mineral traffic originating on the Southern was industrial sand from Redhill - actually from a siding not far from Merstham station.
Sand Hoppers Three of the hoppers built for BR for this traffic. The nearest two, in bauxite, are B437351, built in 1950 by Charles Robert on lot 2150 and B436881 built by Cambrian, also in 1950, on Lot 2149. By the time this photograph was taken at Clapham Junction in the 1970s they were rated at 24 tons load. They weighed 9 tons 19 cwts 1 qtr and 9 tons 4cwts respectively. The leading hopper was still in light grey.

photograph by John Lewis

In the same train was a much older wagon, built in 1939 and registered by the LMS. It weighed 9 tons 5 cwts and could carry 22 tons of sand. It has written on it "RETURN TO REDHILL S.R."

photograph by John Lewis


Note that these sand hoppers were restricted to 35 mph.

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