Flatrols will can be seen all over the railway wherever heavy plant or tall, awkward loads (within the loading gauge) need to be moved. In conjunction with railway civil engineering works they will frequently be found with an excavator or two on board - and not necessarily loaded in a central position! They have also, of course, earned themselves a certain notoriety from being used to transport nuclear flasks to and from re-processing centres.
900030 was built at BR's Southern Region Lancing works in 1958 on Lot 2945, diag 2/525. Tare of 15.3t and GLW of 35.5t it has the TOPS Code ZVR. Its number plate shows it as B900030, although the number is also painted on the side of the well with "D"" prefix.

photograph by John Lewis

Flatrol BB 998018 was also built at Lancing, this time in in 1962, to Lot 3257, diag 2/904, tare of 11.5t and GLW of 32t it has the same TOPS Code of ZVR. This one is fitted with brake wheels and roller bearing axleboxes.

photograph by John Lewis

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