6 Wheel Goods Brake Vans

Not so common were the six-wheel brake vans which, on an uneven road, could shake the guard about a bit!
1509S 1509S, photographed in the mid-1950s, was an SECR 6W Guard's Van originally built in October 1900 and originally numbered 610, subsequently renumbered, by the SR, on 23rd February 1929, to 502. It was a double ended guards van (as demonstrated by the duckets at each end of the van) and was built by the Ashbury R C & W Co to drawing Nº1109, 32 ft x 7 ft 3 in over the body (8 ft 4in over the side duckets), with dual brakes and electric lighting. Withdrawal date is not known but it was converted at Grosvenor Road on 1st November 1939 (along with other vans from this build) to 1509S, most probably for use as a mess and tool van. Note the double sliding doors.

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