Aggregate Wagons

One of the freight stalwarts on today's railway is aggregates traffic, for which special wagons have been constructed. On this page is a selection of these, which can be seen across the system, especially in the Ardingly (Haywards Heath), Chichester, Crawley and Purley areas.
3308 Bogie box wagon Code JYA. This wagon was built by Orenstein & Koppel of Dortmund in 1988 and weighs 22.5 tonnes with a gross laden weight of 102 tonnes. It has O&K type 25-100 bogies. Photograph taken at Purley in 1997.

photograph by John Lewis

This bogie Hopper Wagon, code JHA, is No.10 in the Brett fleet (this number is on the end). It is numbered ELC 17510 on the yellow disc on the solebar although the code and TOPS number have been painted out on the data panel on the body side. The wagon was built by Chas. Roberts of Wakefield in 1970-1 and weighs 28.25 tonnes with a gross laden weight of 102 tonnes. It is equipped with Gloucester cast steel Mk4 bogies. Photograph taken at Purley.

photograph by John Lewis

Brett 10
17922 This bogie hopper wagon is type JHA and is numbered ARC 17922, reflecting its previous owner. The wagon was built by Powell Duffryn Standard of Heywood in 1990, weighs 22 tonnes and has a gross laden weight of 102 tonnes and rides on Gloucester low track force bogies. Note that these wagons tend to travel in block trains and only have buffers on the outer ends of the outer wagons. Photograph taken at East Croydon in May 2002.

photograph by John Lewis

This is an inner wagon of the same type as Hanson 17922, shown in the earlier ARC livery. It has the TOPS number ARC19802 and weighs slightly less than the outer wagons at 21.72 tonnes, possibly due to the lack of buffers. Photograph taken at Clapham Junction in July 1998.

photograph by John Lewis


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