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Southampton Tunnel

Southampton Tunnel was completed in 1847 by the Southampton & Dorchester Railway. It is 528 yards long and east of the present Southampton Central station, which is on the site of the S&D's Blechynden station. There appears to have been some delay in completing the tunnel, because trains did not start running between Blechynden and the now-closed Southampton Terminus until two months after the rest of the line opened.
Southampton Tunnel Southampton Tunnel, photographed on 5th September 2009.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

The most noteworthy feature of the tunnel is the portal at the west end, which is semi circular.

The east end of the tunnel is a bridge structure, with an elliptical arch.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Southampton Tunnel

The track was lowered through the tunnel in December 2009, in order to allow larger freight containers to pass through on standard wagons. This was done by replacing the ballasted track with concrete slab.

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