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Penge Tunnel

Penge Tunnel (1 mile 381 yards) is between Sydenham Hill and Penge East. It opened for traffic when the London, Chatham & Dover Railway completed its direct line from Stewarts Lane to Penge Junction (Beckenham) in 1863.
Penge Tunnel Penge Tunnel, photographed on 27th December 2008.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

The west portal is close to Sydenham Hill station and is both massive and ornate. It was built of yellow brick, but the outer arch rings and face of the portal have been renewed with red brick. There is a stone capping, string course and dentils.

Penge Tunnel, photographed on 16th August 2009.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Penge Tunnel

The east portal is hidden away in a cutting and quite plain. The up spur from Crystal Palace to Sydenham crosses over the top of the east portal. The down spur crosses over the main line on a high brick arch east of the tunnel. The lower, concrete bridge carries the main line from London Bridge to Norwood Junction.

The tunnel is dead straight and it is possible to see all the way through from both Sydenham Hill and Penge East stations. The light at the far end can be seen in the photograph of the east portal. Is this the longest tunnel that members of the public can see through from end to end?

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