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Turkey Mill Viaduct, Maidstone

Turkey Mill Viaduct
Turkey Mill Viaduct, photographed on 20th May 2007.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Turkey Mill Viaduct is between Maidstone East and Bearsted, and came into use in 1884. It is built of red brick and has seven round headed arches. As the ground slopes, the two arches at the east end spring from ground level. The Maidstone & Ashford Railway Act required the railway to be roofed over where it crossed the viaduct. This was to avoid soot, smoke or embers from the steam locomotives causing damage to paper being manufactured at the adjacent mill. The roof, which was 250 yards long, was removed when the line was electrified. The parapet walls were removed in 1990 on safety grounds and the decorative steel railings substituted.

The viaduct passes through the grounds of the Turkey Mill industrial estate, which occupies the site of the former paper mill. Four of the arches are enclosed and put to commercial use.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Turkey Mill Viaduct
Turkey Mill Viaduct The second arch from the west is higher than the rest and the main access to the estate passes through it.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft


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