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Eastleigh: Six Arches Viaduct

Eastleigh: Six Arches
Six Arches Viaduct, photographed on 10th November 2007.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

The Six Arches viaduct is a little-known but very attractive structure close to Eastleigh. It was built in 1841 to take the London & South Western Railway's Gosport branch over the River Itchen. The line is still open as far as Fareham.

The viaduct is of brown bricks and has six elliptical arches with imposts. The second and third arches from the Eastleigh end cross the river, and have cutwaters on their common pier. Five arches are seen in the photograph; the sixth is to the left, hidden by vegetation

The riverbank here is private property and the viaduct can only be viewed with the permission of the landowner.

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