BR Standard 9F 2-10-0

The British Railways class 9F 2-10-0 heavy goods engines were not really Southern engines but just about squeeze into our website as they performed sterling work on the Somerset & Dorset line, which took them to Bournemouth, and due to a brief allocation of five locomotives to Eastleigh in 1961-3. They were, without a shadow of a doubt, the most successful of the British Railways Standard designs.
We do not think it was allocated to Feltham, but BR Standard 2-10-0 Nº92217 was seen there in November 1963.

Photograph by Keith Harwood

The 9F class, the first of which entered service in 1954, consisted of 251 locomotives by the time the last was built. The final member of the class, Nº92220, was the 999th BR Standard locomotive, and also the last steam locomotive to be built by British Railways. Emerging from Swindon works on 18th March 1960, this locomotive was turned out in fully lined passenger livery, given a copper capped chimney and the name Evening Star to commemorate the end of BR steam building. 92220 had a mixed career, starting in a blaze of glory working crack express trains, she was soon moved to the freight duties the class was designed for, plus passenger trips to Bournemouth when working on the S&D line in the summers of 1962 and 1963, and at least one visit to Yeovil Town shed during 1964. She then, following an accident, became one of the first of the class to be withdrawn when only five years old, though already earmarked for preservation as part of the National Collection. She is still around today and, as can be seen below, has re-visited Southern metals since preservation.

Designed by R A Riddles, with a lot of influence from the wartime WD 2-10-0s, and built in eleven batches, the construction was shared between British Railways' Crewe and Swindon works. There were several variations between class members, for example the fitting of double chimneys to some, but by far the strangest were the Franco-Crosti boilered examples which had a double barrelled boiler, emitting their exhaust from a chimney half way along the right hand side of the boiler. They also had a "normal" chimney on the top of the smokebox which was only used when lighting up. The second, smaller, boiler was between the frames and was used to preheat the feed water, though these were later removed. There were just ten of these Franco-Crostis, none of which was ever shedded on the Southern.

92209 92209, whilst shedded at Bath Green Park, paused at Blandford Forum on 8th March 1964 with the SCTS "South Western Rambler railtour". 92209 hauled the train from Salisbury to Templecombe, then down the S&D line to Hamworthy Junction then Bournemouth Central.

Photograph: Mike Morant collection

As mentioned above, the class performed sterling work on the S&DJR route between Bath and Bournemouth, being able to haul an eleven coach train over the hilly route from Bath to Evercreech Junction without assistance. In the summer of 1960 four locos, 92203/4/5/6, were allocated to Bath for these duties and others returned in subsequent years, including 92220 herself.
Class 9F 92220 "Evening Star" standing at Platform 10 at Brighton on the occasion of the last day of traffic on the Kemp Town branch, 26 June 1971. This area is now the car park, the wall to the left of the locomotive was part of the former Brighton Works. This photograph demonstrates clearly the different arrangement for the Western Region lamp irons where the wider dimension faces sideways whilst with the Southern variety it faces the front.

Photograph by Glen Woods

In 1961 five ex-Western Region 9Fs (92205/6/11/31/39) were allocated to Eastleigh for use on the Fawley - Bromford Bridge (West Midlands) oil trains. When these were dieselised in 1963 the 9Fs moved to Feltham for three months before being transferred to York in September 1963.

photograph by Michael Taylor.

At the 1974 Eastleigh open day one special was worked by David Shepherd's 9F 2-10-0 Black Prince. This was one of the earliest steam specials over the 3rd rail electric system. This view shows the train entering the works from the mainline station.

Technical Details

  • Introduced: 1954
  • Driving Wheel: 5 ft 0 ins
  • Pony Wheel: 3 ft 2 ins
  • Length: 66 ft 2 ins
  • Total Weight - Loco: 86 tons 14 cwt
             - BR1C Tender: 53 tons 10 cwt
             - BR1F Tender: 55 tons 10 cwt
             - BR1G Tender: 52 tons 10 cwt
  • Cylinders (2): 20 in x 28 in
  • Boiler Pressure: 250 lb sq in
  • Tractive Effort: 39,667 lb
  • Coal capacity:
           BR1C Tender: 9 tons
           BR1F/G Tender: 7 tons
  • Water:
           BR1C Tender: 4,725 gals
           BR1F Tender: 5,625 gals
           BR1G Tender: 5,000 gals
  • Power Classification: 9-F
9Fs known to have worked on the Southern
(listed in the order they were built)
Built At Bath for S&D To Eastleigh To Feltham Transferred away
92000 Jan 1954 Jun-Sep 1961 - - -
92001 Jan 1954 Jun-Oct 1961 & Jun-Sep 1962 - - -
92006 Feb 1954 Jun-Sep 1960 & Jun-Sep 1961 - - -
92224 Jun 1958 Aug-Sep 1963 - - -
92231 Aug 1958 - 1961 Jun 1963 Sep 1963
92233 Aug 1958 Jun-Sep 1962 - - -
92239 Sep 1958 - 1961 Jun 1963 Sep 1963
92245 Nov 1958 Jun-Sep 1962 - - -
92203 Apr 1959 Jun-Sep 1960 - - -
92204 Apr 1959 Jun-Sep 1960 - - -
92205 May 1959 Jun-Sep 1960 1961 Jun 1963 Sep 1963
92206 May 1959 Jun-Sep 1960 1961 Jun 1963 Sep 1963
92210 Aug 1959 Jun-Jul 1961 - - -
92211 Sep 1959 - 1961 Jun 1963 Sep 1963
92212 Sep 1959 Jun 1961 - Jun 1962 - - -
92217 Dec 1959 - - Visited? Nov 1963 -
92220 Mar 1960 Jul-Sep 1961 & Aug-Oct 1963 - - -

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