Maunsell/Wainwright S class 0-6-0ST

During the 1914-18 War a secret "Q" port by the banks of the River Stour was built under the Roman fortress at Richborough near Sandwich in Kent. A railway was constructed from the main line, which passes under the Saxon walls, to the banks of the Stour. The river mouth was dredged and a new port of embarkation was created. A camp was established which was the starting point of a ferry service for troops and munitions to France and Flanders.

Vast amounts of military equipment - including locomotives - and arms were sent across from Richborough Port, using sea going barges and the very first roll-on roll-off ferries


Photograph: Mike Morant collection

Re-numbered Nº1685 in Southern days seen here probably at Ashford

As a result the South Eastern and Chatham Railway urgently needed a heavy shunting engine. In 1917, as it transpired belated in the war, Maunsell resolved the problem by the simple expedient of converting a Wainwright "C" class locomotive into a saddle tank. The frames were extended rear-wards to enable a bunker and a fully enclosed cab to be fitted and a 1,200 gallon saddle tank was fitted over the boiler. There was only one example, Nº685, which was thus converted into an S class 0-6-0ST for use as a heavy-duty shunter at Richborough.

After the War it was transferred to Bricklayers' Arms where it was used as a shunter at until 1951.

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