LBSCR Locomotives

These pages attempt to provide a list of the various locomotives that ran on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway, giving details (where known) of number, name, class and dates. These pages wouldn't be possible without the work published by C Hamilton Ellis (The London Brighton and South Coast Railway) and Dave Searle's London Brighton and South Coast Railway web site, for which we are truly grateful.

This is not intended to be chapter and verse on the topic, but more a quick means to identify any particular locomotive name or number by class and age. For more detailed information you are recommended to refer to the articles on our web site, where indicated, or the above two publications.

The subject is divided into two parts - antecedents of the LBSCR and SER, and the LBSCR itself, each of which may be accessed from the links below:-

Locomotives of the antecedents of the LBSCR and SER

Locomotives of the LBSCR

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