Lynton and Barnstaple Locomotives

A replica of the 2-6-2T Manning Wardle tanks, to be named Lyd, is being built by the Ffestiniog Railway at their Boston Lodge works. Quite where it will run is not certain as the locomotive will be out of gauge for the FR and unsuitable for operations on the Welsh Highland Railway. Hopefully it will find its way to the embryonic new Lynton & Barnstaple Railway that re-started passenger operation on 17 July 2004.

The partially built locomotive is seen here whilst on display to the public during Railfest 2004 at York.

photograph by Colin Duff.

Lyd Replica

Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Pony and Trailing Wheels:
Water Capacity:
Cylinders (2):
Boiler Pressure:
Rigid Wheelbase:
Tractive Effort:

Exe, Lew, Taw, Yeo

2 ft 9 ins
27 tons 5 cwt
550 galls
10½ in x 16 in
160 lb sq in
27 ft
6 ft 6 ins
7,270 lbs


2 ft 9 ins
1 ft 10 ins
22 tons 0 cwt
664 galls
10 in x 16 in
180 lb sq in
28 ft
5 ft 0 in
7,418 lbs
Name Builder SR Nº # Built Withdrawn
Yeo Manning, Wardle E759 1897 Nov 1935
Exe Manning, Wardle E760 1897 Nov 1935
Taw Manning, Wardle E761 1897 Nov 1935
Lyn Baldwin E762 1898 Nov 1935
Lew Manning, Wardle E188 1925 Nov 1935
# Recorded in some reports as using the prefix 'L'

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