Pickersgill G class 4-4-0

David Atkinson provided these images of "Gordon Highlander" which was withdrawn from service in July 1958. It was renumbered as GNSR No. 49 and painted in the GNSR's pre-Heywood green livery before running a variety of steam specials and special workings. No. 49 never actually carried the GNSR green livery in normal service, as it was built in 1920 which was black livery had been introduced. It has now been preserved by the Glasgow Museum of Transport in non running condition, and continues to be exhibited as GNSR No. 49. the preserved GNSR class V locomotive which subsequently became LNER class 40 and was numbered 62277.


Details of the backplate

photograph: David Atkinson

More cab details

photograph: David Atkinson

678 Frame and valve gear detail

photograph: David Atkinson

This picture shows a joggle in the frame to allow for bogie swing.

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