0458 Class 0-4-0ST

Nº30458 Ironside (or nearly all of it) photographed at Guildford.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

In 1892 the Southampton Dock Company, together with its fleet of locomotives, was absorbed into the LSWR. Sourced from a variety of manufacturers this fleet totalled eight in number, consisting entirely of 0-4-0ST types, (three of which were sold off in 1896) and joined three others that the LSWR had previously bought from the Docks Company for working Southampton Town Quay and Pier. Of these locomotives those not sold or withdrawn by 1901 were transferred to the Running List for statistical reasons.
30458 Nº30458 Ironside photographed on the turntable at Guildford on 10th June 1950.

photograph by Les Darbyshire

Another view of Nº30458 on the turntable at Guildford. Note the cut-away cab that was an aid when shunting, and also a feature of the B4 tanks until WWII.

photograph by Les Darbyshire

Two of these locomotives, Nº457 Clausentum and Nº458 Ironside, were built by Hawthorn Leslie in 1890 though they did not receive their numbers until 1901. Originally built with 3' 0" driving wheels, at some stage these were replaced with wheels of 3' 2" diameter. They were both transferred to the Running Department in March 1901 and sent to work the Town Quay and Pier, being replaced in the docks by B4 Class locos Nº89 Trouville and Nº90 Caen. These two locomotives were subsequently renumbered as 0457 and 0458 and denoted as the "0458 Class", with Nº0457 later becoming 734 and remaining in service until September 1945, when it was withdrawn, whilst Nº0458 became Nº3458 and survived into British Railways' ownership where, as Nº30458, it spent its last years shedded at Guildford.
30458 Nº30458 Ironside photographed, minus coupling and connecting rods, at Eastleigh on 31st July 1954, immediately prior to withdrawal.

photograph: Mike Morant collection


Technical Details

  • Introduced: November 1890 (LSWR 1897)
  • Wheels: 3 ft 0 ins / 3 ft 2 ins
  • Total Weight: 21 tons 2 cwt
  • Water Capacity: ? gals
  • Cylinders (2): 12 in x 20 in
  • Boiler Pressure: 120 lb sq in
  • Tractive Effort: 8,160 lb / 7,730 lb
  • Coal Capacity: ?
Built Name To LSWR 1st LSWR Nº 2nd LSWR Nº LSWR/SR Nº # SR Nº BR Nº Withdrawn
1890 Clausentum 1892 457 (1901) 0457 (Jul 1913) 734 (1920) 734 - Sep 1945
1890 Ironside 1892 458 (1901) 0458 (Sep 1913) 0458 3458 (Nov 1931) 30458 Aug 1954
# Between 1923 and 1928 SR numbers were the LSWR numbers with the added prefix 'E', though it is doubted whether these locos carried it.

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