A Southern Timeline

1923 Railways Act 1921 came into force

1924 Sir Herbert Walker appointed General Manager

1925 Totton Hythe &Fawley Light Railway opened.
N.Devon & Cornwall Jctn Light Railway opened.
12th July to 21st September - 7,000,000 passengers carried. 7,031,000 steam miles; 1,784,000 electric train miles.

1926 New line Margate - Ramsgate (Thanet Loop) closed. SE & LCD to Margate Sands & Ramsgate Hbr. closed.
Lord Nelson class introduced and the "Atlantic Coast Express" introduced.

1927 George Ellson appointed Chief Engineer.

1928 K & K1 classes converted to U & U1 after Sevenoaks accident.

1929 The "Golden Arrow" intoduced. Z class introduced.

1930 South Merton to Sutton line opened (electric) also Lewisham loops. Schools class (V) introduced.

1931 The "Bourenmouth Belle" introduced.

1932 Basingstoke - Alton line closed to passengers. Public Address intoduced.

1934 News theatres built at Waterloo & Victoria (I went to those!)

1935 Chichester - Midhurst line closed to passengers. Lynton & Barnstable and Ringwood - Christchurch lines closed.

1936 THe "Night Ferry" introduced, also diesel electric shunters.

1937 CME Maunsell retires and Bulleid arrives.

1938 Q class introduced.

1940 Dunkirk evacuation - 319,000 troops moved on 620 trains.

1941 Merchant Navies and CC1 electric locos introduced.

1942 Q1 class "austerity design" introduced.

1943 8F construction begins.

1945 West Country class introduced.

1946 USA tank engines purchased.

1947 The "Devon Belle" introduced.

Taken from page 204 (and somewhat condensed) of
"SR150, A Century and a half of The Southern Railway"
written by David St John Thomas & Patrick Whitehouse,
published by David and Charles.

Presented by Cliff Hutton

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