Directory of Southern Railway Steam Locomotive Classes

The following table contains outline details of most steam locomotive classes that existed during the existence of the Southern Railway. When using the table the following notes should be taken into consideration:
  • Some classes are re-builds of others. Whilst the class number may under some instances provide a clue where this has happened it has not been otherwise noted or cross referenced.
  • Nicknames used for any class could vary between sheds, crews and enthusiasts, and a nickname is not necessarily exclusive to any one class. Some nicknames were obviously not intended to be used in polite company!
  • Pre-grouping classes scrapped before 1923 have not been included.
  • Nor have BR standard locomotive nor other railway company designs used on the Southern Region after nationalisation been included
  • Whilst the contents of this table have been carefully researched from both contemporary and current reference sources, additions and corrections to this information are welcomed. Please e mail the webmaster

Grateful acknowledgements for assistance in compiling and correcting this table are due to Alan Durham, Colin Duff, Eric Gates, Cliff Hutton, Paul Mays, Peter McFarlane, Eric Penn, Dave Searle, Ian Sheldon, Michael Taylor, and Glen Woods.

Thanks to Michael Waters who provided additional information based on the Ian Allan "Locomotives at the Grouping" booklet, supplemented by Mr Bradley's RCTS books for the SECR and Isle of Wight engines.

For information on pre-grouping LBSCR classes you are strongly advised to visit Dave Searle's excellent LBSCR website.

Class Wheels Designer Introduced Company Class
A 0-4-4T Kirtley 1875 LCDR  
A1 0-4-4T Kirtley 1880 LCDR  
A1 0-6-0T Stroudley 1872 LBSCR   Terriers
A1x 0-6-0T Marsh 1911 LBSCR   Terriers
A2 0-4-4T Kirtley 1883 LCDR  
A12 0-4-2 Adams 1887 LSWR   Jubilees
B 4-4-0 Stirling 1898 SER    
B1 0-4-2 Stroudley 1882 LBSCR Gladstone  
B1 0-6-0 Kirtley 1877 LCDR  
B1 4-4-0 Wainwright 1910 SECR   Jumbos
B2 4-4-0 R.J. Billinton 1893 LBSCR B bogies Duncannons
B2 0-6-0 Kirtley 1891 LCDR    
B2x 4-4-0 Marsh 1907 LBSCR Grasshoppers
B3 4-4-0 R.J. Billinton 1897 LBSCR    
B4 4-4-0 R.J. Billinton 1899 LBSCR   Busters
B4x 4-4-0 L.B. Billinton 1922 LBSCR   Greybacks
B4 0-4-0T Adams 1891 LSWR   Little Jims
C 0-6-0 Wainwright 1900 SECR   Eastern C
C1 0-6-0 Stroudley 1882 LBSCR Jumbos
C2 0-6-0 R.J. Billinton 1893 LBSCR   Vulcans
Small Vulcans
C2x 0-6-0 Marsh 1908 LBSCR   Doublehumpers
C3 0-6-0 Marsh 1906 LBSCR   Horsham Goods
Marsh Goods
C8 4-4-0 Drummond 1898 LSWR    
C14 2-2-0T Drummond 1906 LSWR   Potato Cans
C14 0-4-0T Urie 1913 LSWR   Potato Cans
D 4-4-0 Wainwright 1901 SECR   Coppertops
D1 0-4-2T Stroudley 1873 LBSCR D tanks Bulldogs
D Tanks
D1 4-4-0 Maunsell 1921 SECR   Converts
D3 0-4-4T R.J. Billinton 1892 LBSCR D bogies Bogie Tanks
D3x 0-4-4T Marsh 1909 LBSCR    
D15 4-4-0 Drummond 1912 LSWR   Piston Valve Bulldogs
E 4-4-0 Wainwright 1905 SECR   Coppertops
E1 4-4-0 Maunsell 1919 SECR   Converts
E1 0-6-0T Stroudley 1874 LBSCR E tanks Black Tanks
Sea Sick Tanks
E1/R 0-6-2T Maunsell 1927 SR   Brighton Billies
E2 0-6-0T L.B. Billinton 1913 LBSCR    
E3 0-6-2T R.J. Billinton 1894 LBSCR   Radials
Small Radials
E4 0-6-2T R.J. Billinton 1897 LBSCR   Brighton Tanks
E4x 0-6-2T Marsh 1909 LBSCR   Radials
E5 0-6-2T R.J. Billinton 1902 LBSCR   Radials
Large Radials
E5x 0-6-2T Marsh 1911 LBSCR   Radials
Large Radials
E6 0-6-2T R.J. Billinton 1904 LBSCR   Radials
E6x 0-6-2T Marsh 1911 LBSCR   Radials
E10 4-2-2-0 Drummond 1901 LSWR   Double Singles
F 4-4-0 Stirling 1883 SER   Chaffcutters
F1 4-4-0 Wainwright 1903 SECR   Jumbos
F9 4-2-4T Drummond 1899 LSWR Inspection
Loco & Car
The "Bug"
"Wee Thing"
F13 4-6-0 Drummond 1905 LSWR
G 4-4-0 Pickersgill 1899 SECR GNSR "V"
LNER "D40"
G6 0-6-0T Adams 1894 LSWR   Adams Tanks
G14 4-6-0 Drummond 1908 LSWR
G16 4-8-0T Urie 1921 LSWR   Black Tanks
Hump Tanks
Hump Engines
H 0-4-4T Wainwright 1904 SECR   Chatham Engines
H1 4-4-2 Marsh 1905 LBSCR   Atantics
H2 4-4-2 Marsh 1911 LBSCR   Atlantics
H15 4-6-0 Urie 1914 LSWR   City Breeds
H16 4-6-2T Urie 1921 LSWR   Green Tanks
I1 4-4-2T Marsh 1907 LBSCR   Wankers
I1x 4-4-2T Maunsell 1925 SR    
I2 4-4-2T Marsh 1907 LBSCR   Wankers
I3 4-4-2T Marsh 1907 LBSCR   Marsh Tanks
I4 4-4-2T Marsh 1908 LBSCR   Wankers
J 0-6-4T Wainwright 1913 SECR    
J1 4-6-2T Marsh 1910 LBSCR   Abergavenny
J2 4-6-2T Marsh 1912 LBSCR   Bessborough
K 2-6-4T Maunsell 1917 SECR River  
K 2-6-0 L.B. Billinton 1913 LBSCR   Moguls
K1 2-6-4T Maunsell 1925 SECR River
3 Cylinder
K10 4-4-0 Adams n/a LSWR   Flyers
Small Hoppers
L 4-4-0 Wainwright 1914 SECR   Germans
L 4-6-4T L.B. Billinton 1914 LBSCR Remembrance Baltics
Fourteen Wheelers
L1 4-4-0 Maunsell 1926 SR   Glasshouses
L11 4-4-0 Drummond 1903 LSWR   Large Hoppers
L12 4-4-0 Drummond 1903 LSWR   Big Bulldogs
Slidevalve Bulldogs
LN 4-6-0 Maunsell 1926 SR Lord Nelson Nellies
Leader 0-6-6-0T Bulleid trialed only SR Leader Bleeder
Chinese Laundry
M1 4-4-0 Kirtley 1880 LCDR
M2 4-4-0 Kirtley 1884 LCDR
M3 4-4-0 Kirtley 1891 LCDR Clatterbangs
M7 0-4-4T Drummond 1897 LSWR   (some only:)
Motor Tanks
MN 4-6-2 Bulleid 1941 SR Merchant Navy Flannel Jackets
(in original form only:)
Spam Cans
N 2-6-0 Maunsell 1917 SECR   (some only:)
N1 2-6-0 Maunsell 1922 SECR   Three Valve Sets
N15 4-6-0 Maunsell 1925 SR King Arthur (448-457 only)
Eastleigh Arthurs
(736-755 only)
Urie Arthurs
(763-792 only:)
Scotch Arthurs
N15x 4-6-0 Maunsell 1935 SR Remembrance  
O 0-6-0 Stirling 1878 SER   Flying Bedsteads
O1 0-6-0 Wainwright 1903 SECR    
O2 0-4-4T Adams 1889 LSWR    
P 0-6-0T Wainwright 1909 SECR   Pissy Willies
P14 4-6-0 Drummond 1910 LSWR Big Gobblers
Q 0-4-4T Stirling 1881 SER    
Q1 0-4-4T Wainwright 1903 SER    
Q 0-6-0 Maunsell 1938 SR    
Q1 0-4-4T Wainwright 1903 SECR    
Q1 0-6-0 Bulleid 1942 SR   Austerities
Biscuit Tins
Biscuit Barrels
Coffee Pots
Ugly Duckings
R 0-4-4T Kirtley 1891 LCDR   Bobtails
R 0-6-0T Stirling 1888 SER    
R1 0-4-4T Wainwright 1900 SER    
R1 0-6-0T Wainwright 1910 SECR    
S 0-6-0ST Maunsell 1917 SECR    
S11 4-4-0 Drummond 1903 LSWR   Big Bulldogs
Slidevalve Bulldogs
S15 4-6-0 Urie 1920 LSWR   Black-uns
Class As
Goods Arthurs
T 0-6-0T Kirtley 1879 LCDR    
T1 0-4-4T Adams 1888 LSWR    
T3 4-4-0 Adams 1892 LSWR   Flyers
T6 4-4-0 Adams 1895 LSWR   Flyers
T7 4-2-2-0 Drummond 1897 LSWR   Double Single
T9 4-4-0 Drummond 1899 LSWR   Greyhounds
Drummond H2s
T14 4-6-0 Drummond 1905 LSWR   Paddleboxes
U 2-6-0 Maunsell 1928 SR   U-boats
(those rebuilt from Ks:) Rivers
U1 2-6-0 Maunsell 1928 SR   U-boats
Three Valve Sets
USA 0-6-0T USATC 1942 SR    
V 4-4-0 Maunsell 1930 Schools    
W 2-6-4T Maunsell 1931 SR    
WC/BB 4-6-2 Bulleid 1945 SR West Country
Battle of Britain
(in original form only:)
Spam Cans
X2 4-4-0 Adams 1890 LSWR   Flyers
X6 4-4-0 Adams 1895 LSWR    
Z 0-8-0T Maunsell 1929 SR   Maggies
0-4-0ST 1878 Southampton
0135 4-4-0 Adams 1880 LSWR  
0273 0-6-0 Beattie 1872 LSWR   Double-frame
0298 2-4-0WT Beattie 1874 LSWR   Beattie Tanks
Well Tanks
0302 0-6-0 Beattie 1874 LSWR  
0330 0-6-0ST Beyer Peacock 1876 LSWR   Saddlebacks
0380 4-4-0 Adams 1879 LSWR   Steamrollers
0395 0-6-0 Adams 1881 LSWR   Jumbos
0415 4-4-2T Adams 1882 LSWR   Radials
Radial Tanks
0445 4-4-0 Adams 1883 LSWR  
0460 4-4-0 Adams 1884 LSWR  
0458 0-4-0T Hawthorn 1890 Southampton Dock Company "Ironside" &
Dock Engines
046 4-4-2T Adams 1879 LSWR
313 0-4-0ST Manning Wardle 1881 SER Folkstone
353 0-6-0ST Manning Wardle 1890 SER Ashford
700 0-6-0 Drummond 1897 LSWR   Black Motors
756 0-6-0T Hawthorn 1907 PD&SWJR    
757 0-6-2T Hawthorn 1907 PD&SWJR    
crane 0-4-0T Manning Wardle 1881 &
EKR Nº4 0-6-0T Kerr, Stewart & Co 1917 EKR BR Nº30948 
K&ESR Nº4 0-8-0T Hawthorne Leslie 1904 K&ESR BR Nº30949
2-4-0T Beyer Peacock 1864 IWR
2-4-0T Beyer Peacock 1876 ICWR W4
4-4-0T Black Hawthorne 1890 ICWR W6
0-6-0T Manning Wardle 1902 FYNR FYNR Nº1
  2-6-2T Manning Wardle 1898 &
1925 (SR)
  2-4-2T Baldwin 1900 L&B    

Miscellaneous Locomotives:

  • Eight SECR steam railcars built in 1905 - 6 came to the Southern Railway but were stored out of use until withdrawn in April 1924
  • A Manning Wardle 0-6-0T built in 1879, was purchased as SECR Nº 752 in 1904 for Folkestone Harbour duty. It was nicknamed "Thumper" and was sold by the Southern Railway in 1926
  • An 0-4-0ST "The Master General" built in 1910 was purchased by the Southern Railway in 1928 and withdrawn in 1945

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