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No website could ever provide anyone, whether they be knowledgeable "old hands" or new to the topic, with absolutely all the information they might want or need about the Southern Railway, its ancestors and successors!
However, this part of the SEmG website is developing into a comprehensive research tool to steer you in the direction of appropriate sources of information.
It is pulling together existing parts of the SEmG website related to the prototype (many of which have been revised), contain new features, and provide appropriate links or addresses.
  • Books: Books are an excellent reference source. SEmG member John Russell is collating a comprehensive list of Southern Railway related books from information supplied by SEmG members who between them have a large library
SEmG Railway Book List
  • Photographs: Photographs are an invaluable source of information to the enthusiast, historian or modeller alike. We are very fortunate that we are able to reproduce some of the lists of photographs in the "Lens of Sutton" collection of some 700,000 photographs.
Lens of Sutton Photograph Lists on our website
  • Official sources of data, information, plans and photographs:
the National Railway Museum, York
The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office)
Railway overview
Railway Staff Records advice
Network Rail
Department for Transport (was Strategic Rail Authority)
  • Aerial Photographs, Maps and historic images:
Image Map UK
Images of England
International Satellite & Aerial Imagery
National Monuments Records
UK Ordnance Survey
  • Information on the Internet: Databases and Southern Related Hyperlinks
Preserved Carriages - Vintage Carriages Trust database
Preserved Southern Locomotives - Syd Carroll's list of 86 preserved Southern locomotives
Preserved Locomotives - UK Heritage Rail Locomotives database
SEmG Southern related links menu
  • British Railway Terminology:
Southern Electric Glossary (via their home page menu)
UK Heritage Rail Glossary
  • Current SEmG Features: data and information supplied by the SEmG
Derivation of EMU, DEMU and trailer unit letter designations
Directory of "Native" Non-Steam Classes
Directory of SR Steam Locomotives
Directory of SR/BR(S) Paint Colours
Frequently Asked Questions
Southern Inheritance - companies that form the Southern to the current day
SR/BR(S) & TOPS classes conversion tables
  • old SEmG features: (that will at some time be revised or replaced)
A historical Timeline of significant Southern events

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