Southern Inheritance
1801-current day

This group of pages details the railway companies that went together to form the Southern Railway from 1923 to 1948 and what has subsequently happened.  It also details other railways in the south of England.  Because it is a complex story to display it graphically as a  "family tree" is difficult and it would require at the very least a "Cinemascope" format monitor to view it adequately. Not to mention the time that would be required to download the graphics files!  The information is therefore presented as a series of lists.

Dates displayed on the pages are from either the date of incorporation or operation
to the date of formal amalgamation or closure.

Railways that were grouped in 1923 to form the
Southern Railway Company
Constituents of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway
Constituents of the London Chatham and Dover Railway
Constituents of the London and South Western Railway
Constituents of the South Eastern Railway
Independent constituents

1948 to the current day
Nationalisation - British Railways Regional structure
Nationalisation - British Railways Business Sector structure
Privatisation - Train Operating Companies
Preserved Railways on former Southern lines
other railways of the south of England

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