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Some gantry signals.
Gantry signals A gantry signal is where the signals are mounted on a framework which spans the track(s). This is a photograph of a gantry of up line signals at Southampton, by the power station. 35005 Canadian Pacific is passing with the down 'Bournemouth Belle' on 31 May 1963.

photograph provided by Graham Poore, courtesy of David Ballantine

This is a photograph of the gantry that was at Hook on the LSWR main line to Basingstoke. As can be seen the installation of four aspect colour light signalling is well advanced.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Gantry signals
Gantry signals A sad sight on the approach to Waddon Marsh Halt. Tracks have been lifted and "rationalisation" seems to be in full swing. Note that the single post signal has a white 'X' which denotes it as being out of commission (for night time the spectacle plate is covered). Presumably the gantry, which is down to just one signal, is about to be removed and replaced by the single post.

photograph used by kind permission of Gregory Duncan-Studart

This gantry was at Tunbridge Wells West, and demonstrates well that signal arms needn't be placed at the top of the post! This 1974 view is looking towards Groombridge, whilst the tracks on the right led back to the loco shed.

photograph by Clive Standen

Gantry signals
Gantry signals A fine LB&SCR gantry signal with lower quadrant arms at Bognor, photographed in 1927.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

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