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Some more bracket signals.
Bracket signals Two pairs of bracket signals on the long platform at Littlehampton.

photograph by Glen Woods

34095 paused for water in front of the gantry signals at Basingstoke. The date is not certain but it is thought to be 1965. The engine and gantry are long gone now!

photograph by Dick Morant

Halwill More long-gone signals on a long-gone line! Bracket signals at Halwill Junction. Note that in each case the signal on the taller doll refers to the route diverging to the left (when facing the signal) which was the main line to Launceston, Wadebridge and Padstow. The lower signals refer to the branch to Bude. Halwill was always busy with trains arriving, dividing, shunting and joining as well as departing! There was frequently a light engine here for shunting purposes and to provide a train engine when a down train divided into two.

photograph by Alan Robinson

An interesting pair of signals that used to be at Sutton. Note that whereas a Signalman or S&T engineer would have to climb to the top and then down to the platform behind the signal arms, the wires to operate the signals take the short route!

4 Sub 4117 is crossing from the main up platform to the Epsom platform.

photograph by Mike Morant

Sutton A good view "behind the scenes", taken from Kings Lane bridge, Sutton. The train below gives a good idea of how high the Signalman would have to climb to fill his oil lamps. As a general rule these were good for a little over a week providing the wicks were trimmed well. In later years, of course, many signals were converted to electric lighting. Similarly, many wire operated signals were converted to electric operation and the apparatus visible here at the bottom of the main doll is the motor for operating one of the the signal arms, probably the Distant (Caution) arm.

photograph by Mike Morant

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