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Some bracket signals.
The fine array of bracket signals that used to grace Lewes station. Note the elegant finials adorning each signal.

photograph courtesy of Glen Woods

Bracket signals
Bracket signal Left: The reverse of the Lewes Distants seen on the first page, clearly showing the black fish-tail stripe.

photographs by Glen Woods

Right: Another fine example from Lewes which is a little unusual for the Southern in having tubular metal dolls. The two arms on the left are of equal status whereas that on the right is the primary route. This main doll also has a shunt signal mounted beneath the running arm.

Bracket signal
A fine bracket signal at Newhaven, now sadly long gone.

photograph by Glen Woods

Bracket signal
Bracket signal A pair of brackets that do remain, photographed in the early morning light at Hastings. Each arm is a starting signal from one of the platforms and has a Westinghouse shunt dummy beneath. The white diamonds on the signalposts advise a driver that the signal is exempt from Rule 55.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

A fine mix of signals on a bracket at Hove. A semaphore running signal, a semaphore shunt signal and a two aspect distant for an automatic C/L signal ahead in the section to Portslade, photographed during May 1984.

photograph by Mark Westcott

Bracket signal
Bracket signal An interesting bracket signal at Worthing. The Calling On arm on the left is off for, no doubt, the train from which the photograph was taken to enter an occupied road (Worthing Up Loop) and be joined to a unit (or two) waiting in the platform. This photograph was taken in September 1986; in earlier years there had been Distant arms where the Calling On arms are, with the Calling On arms lower down. The fixings for these lower arms can clearly be seen. The signal only had a short while to go before being replaced when the Worthing (named Worthing Central from 5th July 1936, Worthing "B" from 4th March 1968 and just plain Worthing from 30th December 1975) Signalbox was closed on 5th May 1988 and its functions then controlled from a panel in Lancing Signalbox.

photograph by Mark Westcott

Note that whereas the SR used second hand bullhead rail for the main posts, the majority of dolls continued to be lattice as otherwise the weight would have been too great.

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