Southern Signals
Semaphore Signals

Some single post signals.
Running signals Left: A good "off"! Stop and caution arms raised to the heavens as 30789 Sir Guy passes in the opposite direction at Fratton.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Right: The platform starter adjacent to the Signalbox at Baynards. This signal was fairly short so that the driver would have good sighting of it when awaiting departure from the station. Baynards was on the Horsham to Guildford secondary line and, with mainly stopping traffic, there was no need for a taller post. Note the construction of the signal, which is typical of a Southern Railway built one. The post is old running rail given a new lease of life and the arm a SR metal upper quadrant. This arm is corrugated whereas the majority of SR arms had a flat face.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Starting signal
Starting signal Left: The up starting signal at Billingshurst, with a plethora of information! BT12 is the signal's number and corresponds to the number of the lever in the Signalbox. The white diamond on the post tells the driver that the signal is exempt from Rule 55 (regarding trains standing on a running line) as track circuiting (or an electrical depression bar) is provided.

photograph by Glen Woods

Right: Starting signal at Petersfield. This is on a tall post so that it can be easily sighted by the driver of a non-stopping train and is of LSWR lattice construction. All the pre-grouping companies used lattice posts, which were of similar construction, though there were also a lot of wooden ones. The signal arm is a standard SR arm.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Starting signal
Starting and shunt signal Left: Multi-function signal at Tattenham Corner, with a shunt arm beneath. The big box houses a route indicator which, when the signal is "off", will tell a driver which route has been set.

photographs used by kind permission of Gregory Duncan-Studart

Right: Two arm signal at Carshalton Beeches. The lower, distant, arm advises a driver that the next home (or series of home) signal is "off". The exact meaning is determined by any local instructions that may apply to the Signalbox.

Two arm signal
Short signal A very short signal at Selsdon! Notice that the post is so low that the Rule 55 exempt diamond had to be placed between the two arms.

photograph by the late Eric Arnold, courtesy of the Dick Morant collection

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