Lens of Sutton Photo Lists

We are most fortunate in that we are able to reproduce here some of the lists of photographs available from the Lens of Sutton collection. Please bear in mind that at present these are just draft lists.

Details of prices and how to order are on the Lens of Sutton website.


The following PDF lists are presently available for downloading.
To view them you will require you to have Acrobat Reader installed.
If you don't have it you can download it free of charge from:

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List 3 List of available Pullman photographs, June 2008.
List 4 List of available SR Coaches photographs, September 2007.
List 14 List of available LCDR Station photographs, June 2004.
List 15 List of available SER Station photographs, December 2009.
List 17 List of available Bulleid Locomotive photographs, April 2010.
List 23 List of available LSWR Stations west of Salisbury & Bournemouth photographs, May 2006.
List 24 List of available Maunsell Named Locomotive photographs, August 2007.
List 25 List of available LSWR London Suburban Stations, September 2007.
List 27 List of available LSWR Hampshire Stations, May 2009.
List 28 List of available LBSCR Stations, May 2009.

Lists of Denis Cullum photographs:
Complete list, April 2010.
Train shots can be a little distant but the other types of view are good, especially the rolling stock.
List of Bulleid and Maunsell loco photographs, April 2010.

Please note that while the infomation on this page was correct at the time of writing, it is intended as a guide only, and no guarantee can be offered that the services listed are accurate. You are strongly recommended to check before ordering. SEmG has no connection with LoSA, nor is responsible for LoSA, and you order from them at your own risk.

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