Constituents of the South Eastern Railway

The South Eastern Railway was jointly managed with the London Chatham and Dover Railway from 1899 until grouping under the South Eastern & Chatham Railway Companies Joint Managing Committee and marketed as the South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR). It was incorporated originally as the London, Deptford & Dover Railway and also popularly known for a while as the London & Dover Railway.

Canterbury & Whitstable Railway 1825-1853

London, Deptford & Dover Railway 1836-1846

Gravesend & Rochester Railway 1845-1846

Reading, Guildford & Reigate Railway 1846-1852

Caterham Railway 1854-1859

Charing Cross Railway 1859-1864

Rye & Dungeness Railway 1873-1875

Dover & Deal Joint Railway 1874-1899
(joint with LCDR from 1874)

Bromley Direct Railway 1874-1879

Westerham Valley Railway 1876-1881

Cranbrook & Paddock Wood Railway 1877-1900

Hundred of Hoo Railway 1879-1881

West Wickham & Hayes Railway 1880-1881

Elham Valley Railway 1881-1884

Lydd Railway 1881-1895

Bexleyheath Railway 1883-1900

Chipstead Valley Railway 1893-1899

Crowhurst, Sidley & Bexhill Railway 1897-1907

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