Other Railways of the South of England
1801-current day

Below is an alphabaetical list of other railways in the South of England which may also be of interest.  These were/are railways which were/are not part of the "Southern" system being either:
* leased and operated by the Southern Railway
* or lines over which the SR had running powers
* or independant companies in which the Southern Railway had an ownership stake
* or totally independant organisations

Bideford Westward Ho! & Appledore Railway 1896-1917

Brighton Rottingdean & Seashore Electric Tramway 1893-1901

Croydon Tramlink (currently under construction)

Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway 1873-1923
(to the GWR in grouping)

East Kent Light Railway 1911-1948

Eurotunnel PLC "Le Shuttle" services

Kent and East Sussex Railway (KESR) 1904-1947
( from the Rother Valley Light Railway 1896-1904)
(became part of the British Railways Southern Region upon Nationalisation until closure - now a preserved railway)

Hythe Pier Railway ~1917 to present day

Longmoor Military Railway 1933-1969
(from the Woolmer Instructional Military Railway 1902-1933)

Midland & South Western Junction Railway 1884-1923
from the Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Railway 1873-1884
and the Swindon & Cheltenham Extension Railway 1881-1884)
(to the GWR in grouping)

North Devon & Cornwall Light Railway 1914-1948

Park Prewett Hospital Railway 1913-1954

Portland Railway 1825-1939
(also known as the  Merchants Railway)

Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway ~1927- present day

Rye & Camber Railway 1894-1939

Salisbury Railway & Market House 1856-1964

Somerset & Dorset Railway 1862-1948
(from the Dorset Central 1852-1862  and the Somerset Central 1852-1862)
(Jointly leased for 999 years by the MR and the LSWR from 1875 and assigned to the the LMS and the SR between 1923-1948 but stayed outside the grouping)

Surrey Iron Railway 1801-1848
(course partially used by the Wimbledon & Croydon Railway,
subsequently the LBSCR)

Venice Simplon Orient Express (Sea Containers Ltd)

Volks Electric Railway 1883-1940
(owned by Brighton Corporation from 1940 to present day)

West London Extension Railway 1859-1948

West Sussex Railway 1924-1938
(from the Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Railway 1896-1924)

Weymouth & Portland Railway 1862-1948

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