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I model the period approximately 1946 to 1949, whilst I have no actual layout in progress at the moment I have plans afoot for two. The first is Hawkhurst in Kent, the ex-Colonel Stephens branch line from Paddock Wood. I already have a couple of the buildings made for this layout and they can also be seen below. The second is Lydford junction to the west of Dartmoor on the main line to Plymouth. Any information, photographs or advice on either location would be appreciated.

I also use copious amounts of modellers license to allow me to model some of my other favourites. The models shown below are those where I have modified proprietary R-T-R models, built from kits or scratch built. As can be seen I like my models to have an in service weathered look.

C21 Q1 Class 0-6-0 NºC21, Little Engines kit
Finished a whole three weeks before Hornby announced the release of their R-T-R version. Complete with (non working) motion modelled between the frames. The Portescap motor combined with the weight of the white metal body enables this to pull just about anything! C21
473 H15 Class 4-6-0 Nº473 modified from Hornby N15
The body has all moulded handrails and pipes removed and replaced with wire etc. The cab roof has been replaced a Urie type. The chassis is fitted with a Portescap motor (with the cast block milled out to accommodate it), Romford wheels, cylinders from a Hornby Duchess, and valve gear from a Hornby Black 5. The tender is a Urie style 5000 gallon Crownline kit. 473
473 M7 Class 0-4-4 Nº481 modified Triang-Hornby
Early Triang-Hornby M7 with Romford wheels and Crownline detailing kit added. All moulded handrails and pipes replaced. Still fitted with Hornby X03 motor but runs well. 473

All photographs are copyright Graham R 'Muz' Muspratt

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