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Celebratory / Souvenir Publications
The Centenary of Ashford Works was the subject of "Ashford Works Centenary 1847 - 1947" published in 1947 and includes history, illustrations and maps.

Waterloo's centenary was celebrated in the publication "Waterloo 1848 - 1948 " written by H.G. Davis, actually published by the newly formed British Railways Southern Region in 1948. The two colour centrepiece illustrations in the book, taken from two paintings depicting the same station scene, but as at war and at peace have since been used on postcards and even jigsaw puzzles.


"A Souvenir of Southampton Docks" is an illustrated booklet written in approximately 1929/30 provides and illustrated guide to the history and workings of the expanding Docks. The last chapter describes the work being undertaken to reclaim a vast amount of land and create what became known as the "New Docks" for the largest of ocean going liners and was due according to the publication to be opened in 1931.


Locomotives of the Southern
This booklet titled "Locomotives of the Southern" was published in 1926 just after the first Lord Nelson Class was built and contains pictures and basic technical data of a number of classes but interestingly enough does not include any reference to the class designations such as C or N15.

SR locomotives
SR locomotives

For information on the Ian Allan ABC loco spotting booklets click here

Hints for holidays
These guides were published, every spring, annually from 1924 with the exception of 1941 to 1946 for obvious reasons.  The reduced in size 1940 edition was in fact reprinted with an addendum sheet in 1946. The last edition was printed in 1947.  They included details on towns and areas and how to get there by train. A large portion of each guide was taken up with hotel and boarding house adverts.

hints hints

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