Norwood Junction Accident, LB&SCR in 1891

which Resulted in the Examination and Renewal of many Cast Iron Bridges.

This article appeared in the Railway Magazine, March 1936, and is reproduced with their permission.

Accident at Norwood Junction

The rear brakevan standing on end after falling through the 20-ft cast iron trough span that had failed.

As the 8:45 am up express from Brighton to London Bridge was passing over Portland Road bridge, Norwood Junction, on 1 May 1891, one of the 20 ft.-span cast iron trough girders gave way. The whole train, consisting of locomotive Nº175 Hayling, of Mr Stroudley's 0-4-2 "Gladstone" typr, and 12 vehicles was derailed. The last van, a four-wheeler, fell through into the roadway after the train came to rest, which it did within its own length, the driver having applied the Westinghouse brake immediately he left the rails. The only casualties were very light injuries to five passenger.

The train concerned was that known in later years as The City Limited, and in those days slipped three coaches at East Croydon for Victoria. On the day in question it consisted of the following: a four-wheeled brake, 4 six-wheeled firsts, 2 bogie firsts, a Pullman car, 3 bogie firsts, 2 four-wheeled brakes, first class bogie carriage, and a six-wheeled first. We reproduce below some photographs taken immediately after the accident.

This accident caused much concern not only to the LB&SCR, but to all other railways in the country owing to the large number of cast iron underbridges still in existence. Steps were therefore immediately taken to renew or strengthen any bridges at all likely to fail in a similar manner. On the LB&SCR the work, which cost nearly £100,000, was finished in 1895.

Accident at Norwood Junction Accident at Norwood Junction
Accident at Norwood Junction
Above: Mr Stroudley's 0-4-2 locomotive Nº175, Hayling, as it came to rest. Below: The two coaches immediately preceding the rear brake van, that were slightly damaged. Another view of the rear bogie coach and brake van before the latter fell into the roadway. The ajacent span of the bridge is in the foreground.

photographs and text reproduced by permission of the Railway Magazine.

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