Mishaps - "Heavy" Shunts

Back in June 1979, 350 shunter 08648 was "minding its own business" berthed on the stops waiting its next turn of duty when a raft of loaded Whale wagons was propelled into it. The resulting impact demolished the stops and pushed 08648 into the ballast (it was buried up to its axle boxes) and derailed three of the whales. As the siding was adjacent to the main line it was decided to rerail the vehicles on three successive night possessions and the rerailing was dubbed, topically, by the Brighton staff as the "Save the Whale" campaign! Glen Woods took some photographs on 10th June 1979, after the rerailing was completed.
Ooops! DB982427 was rerailed at 2:30am on 7th June 1979 and the picture shows the damage to the near end after it had been overriden by another vehicle.

photograph by Glen Woods

08648 was rerailed 1:55am on 9th June 1979, which signalled the completion of this rerailing task. The damage to the front end steps is quite apparent.

photograph by Glen Woods

Another heavy impact, this time at Earlswood in what was, at the time, Redhill Parcels Concentration Depot (PCD) resulted in two Internal Users becoming derailed and adopting unusual poses!
Ooops! A rather sorry looking 083303 is nearest the camera with 082277 behind it.

photograph by Glen Woods

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