Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Re-construction

Fast forward to 1st August 2012 and the Railway has come on by leaps and bounds! The line has been extended to Killington Lane, a distance of a mile, with plans for the next stage to see the length gradually extended to nine miles, from Lynton to Wistlandpound. With the exception of an Up Home signal the station area of Woody Bay is now fully signalled - even though trains cannot depart north. Fares have escalated, though, from the £2.50 of 2004 to £7.00 (concessions £5.00, children £3.00, dogs Free).

Throughout the month of August the railway was running a daily service with Kerr, Stuart "Joffre Class" 0-6-0T Axe of 1915 working the trains on 1st.

Killington Lane Axe and train awaiting departure from Killington Lane station. This is only a temporary structure and has been built off the course of the railway line so that it doesn't interfere when construction continues towards Parracombe and Wistlandpound.

photograph by Marion Richards

Looking back from Killington Lane towards Woody Bay. The original alignment can be seen to the right of the tracks, one which will be reinstated when the railway pushes further south.

photograph by Marion Richards

Killington Lane
Signalbox The Woody Bay Signalbox, really just a covered Ground Frame, is now fully operational with all levers in use.

photograph by Peter Richards

The shed referred to previously has been built and is now a busy and full two road engine shed and workshop. Having left her train in the main platform road Axe has moved forward to the other track and is now taking water during the run-round. The Westinghouse dummy can be seen to be off for the move to the far end of the station.

photograph by Marion Richards

Engine Shed
Axe Axe has now finished taking water and has moved beyond the dummy and is proceeding with the run-round.

photograph by Peter Richards

This is an approximate replica of the wooden Down Starting Signal that stood on the exact same spot, shown inset and from the other side. As no one actually knew the dimensions of the post, the size of the post had to be guesswork.

photograph by Peter Richards

The way ahead The way ahead photographed again in August 2012. What a change from the earlier view taken sixteen years previously.

photograph by Peter Richards

Sitting on a flat truck are frames for a reconstruction of the Manning Wardle 2-6-2T tank Nº759 Yeo. There's quite a lot more to be done before steam can be raised!

photograph by Peter Richards

Yeo Frames

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further information is available on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway's website

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