Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Re-construction

On Saturday, 17th July 2004 the great day finally arrived when once again a Lynton & Barnstaple Railway ran a public train service!
It was only a small beginning, but great oaks are said to grow from little acorns, and this little acorn shows much promise. The photographs on this page were taken during the third day of operation, 19th July 2004.
Ground frame As can be seen, the second line of track has been laid and the ground frame is now connected via the point rodding to the points to the south of the station.

photograph by Peter Richards

The point rodding connecting to the pair of points, which are operated as a crossover.

photograph by Peter Richards

Point rodding
Platform The train departing from the station. The engine, Exmoor Ranger, is a 1975 Hunslet diesel whilst the coach is a rebuild of one that used to operate at the Thorpe Park amusement park. There is a steam engine that will come out for demonstration purposes on some weekends, though as this is not presently fitted with a train air braking system, it cannot be used for passenger journeys.

Hopefully the replica of Lyd that is presently being built at the Boston Lodge works of the Ffestiniog Railway will be able to spend some time working on the Lynton & Barnstaple line.

photograph by Peter Richards

The route is presently very short, and stops where the first bridge south of Woody Bay is missing. Plans are to replace this bridge, hopefully in time for the 2005 passenger service, at which time the journey will continue further - to the next missing bridge! There is no run-round facility so the locomotive and coach set back to Woody Bay station. The head lamp (rather than tail lamp) in this photograph shows that the train is just arriving back in the station. As the coach presently in use (and a second that should join it shortly) are about two feet narrower than the original L&B coaches, a grey board has been added to the side of the platfom to extend it widthwise.

photograph by Peter Richards

Up Starter
Platform The tickets cost £2.50 for an adult fare which allows unlimited travel on the day of issue, although they do ask you to give precedence when the train is full to those who have yet to travel. Children, senior citizens and members of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Society are entitled to a discounted fare.

photograph by Peter Richards

The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway's crest on the side of the coach.

photograph by Peter Richards


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