Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Re-construction

The sleepers leading towards the foreground are in the dock road. This line initially formed a headshunt for vehicles coming down from the transhipment siding.

photograph by Peter Richards

Dock road
Track laying Track-laying continues. Charlie the four legged foreman can just be seen checking the integrity of the 1' 11½" gap between the 50lb, flat-bottom rails.

photograph by Peter Richards

This was how the way ahead looked in 1996! Compare this with the picture above, the tree on the left in this picture is the one just to the right of the white van above.

photograph by Marion Richards

The way ahead
Transhipment siding This was the August 2002 view down the transhipment siding from the car park towards the station area.

photograph by Peter Richards

Work progressing on the Up Starting Signal which, in the railway's last years, was a typical Southern two rails post with lower quadrant arm. The arm that is to be used for this signal is an upper quadrant so will have to have its spectacle plate changed in order to be authentic. There is, fortunately, a very clear, large size, photograph of the original.

The Down Starting Signal was on a wooden post until the end, so the new one will also be constructed with a wooden post

photograph by Peter Richards

Vehicles Vehicles obtained by the railway for use in construction were on an unconnected piece of line in the car park at the top of the transhipment siding.

photograph by Peter Richards


photograph by Peter Richards


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