Tilling's Steam Locomotives of the Southern Region of British Railways as of 1 Jan 1948

In April 1948 W. G. Tilling published a 102-page cloth-covered booklet titled "The Locomotives of the Southern Region of British Railways" which coincided with the nationalization of the national railway network in Britain on 1 Jan 1948.  His booklet summarized the circumstances, briefly described each locomotive type under the name of their designer, then offered up a comprehensive list of each of the 1,838 engines as a spotter's aid.

The back of the book had three fold-out "Tables of Dimensions" with columns summarizing various technical details of each class of steam locomotive such as `Diameter of Driving Wheels` and `Grate Area.`  Several columns have been transcribed in the table below: `Class`, `Type`, `Designer`, `Tractive Effort`, and `No. of Engines 1/1/48`, as they appeared in the original.  Since the gathering of this information was coincident with the event, the information constitutes a valuable source of reference for the enthusiast.

I have added two columns for my own convenience:  `First Built` and `Company` (that is, the Company under whose auspices the first locomotive of that class was built).  The information for these columns was taken from information found on the SEmG website.  Any errors or discrepancies in these two columns are entirely mine (T T Spencer, 22 Sep 2014).

The information in the table is available as an OpenOffice 4.0.1 spreadsheet here and as an MS Excel97 spreadsheet here - a spreadsheet is mighty useful for sorting the information to make sense of the data.

Steam Locomotives of the Southern Region of British Railways as of 1 Jan 2014

Effort (lb)
No. on
1MN4-6-2tender1941O. V. BulleidSR37,50020
2WC4-6-2tender1945O. V. BulleidSR31,00048
2BB4-6-2tender1945O. V. BulleidSR31,00022
3LN4-6-0tender1926R. MaunsellSR33,50016
4N154-6-0tender1918R. W. UrieLSWR23,90074
5H154-6-0tender1914R. W. UrieLSWR26,20026
6S154-6-0tender1920R. W. UrieLSWR28,20045
7T144-6-0tender1911D. DrummondLSWR22,0309
8V4-4-0tender1930R. MaunsellSR25,13040
9D154-4-0tender1912D. DrummondLSWR20,10010
10L124-4-0tender1904D. DrummondLSWR17,67020
11S114-4-0tender1903D. DrummondLSWR19,40010
12T94-4-0tender1899D. DrummondLSWR17,67066
13L114-4-0tender1907D. DrummondLSWR19,76040
14K104-4-0tender1901D. DrummondLSWR19,76031
15A120-4-2tender1887W. AdamsLSWR15,9004
16Q0-6-0tender1938R. MaunsellSR26,15720
17Q10-6-0tender1942O. V. BulleidSR30,00040
187000-6-0tender1897D. DrummondLSWR23,50030
1903950-6-0tender1881W. AdamsLSWR15,50018
20G164-8-0tank1921R. W. UrieLSWR34,0004
21H164-6-2tank1921R. W. UrieLSWR28,2005
22M70-4-4tank1897D. DrummondLSWR19,750104
23T10-4-4tank1888W. AdamsLSWR17,10014
24O20-4-4tank1889W. AdamsLSWR17,24548
25G60-6-0tank1894W. AdamsLSWR17,23034
27C140-4-0tank1914D. DrummondLSWR9,7002
28B40-4-0tank1891W. AdamsLSWR14,66020
29K14(B4)0-4-0tank1905D. DrummondLSWR14,6605
307560-6-0tank1907Hawthorn, Leslie*PDSWJR13,5501
317570-6-2tank1907Hawthorn, Leslie*PDSWJR18,5002
32Z0-8-0tank1929R. MaunsellSR29,7368
339490-8-0tank1904Hawthorn, Leslie*KESR16,3841
3432982-4-0tank1863J. BeattieLSWR11,0533
3534580-4-0tank1890Hawthorn, Leslie*SDC7,7301
3605224-4-2tank1885W. AdamsLSWR14,9193
37B14-4-0tender1898J. StirlingSER14,50016
38C0-6-0tender1900H. WainrightSECR19,519106
39D4-4-0tender1901H. WainrightSECR17,45328
40D14-4-0tender1921R. MaunsellSR17,95020
41E4-4-0tender1905H. WainrightSECR18,41113
42Esuper4-4-0tender1912H. WainrightSECR19,0502
43E14-4-0tender1919R. MaunsellSR18,41111
44F14-4-0tender1903J. StirlingSER14,4919
45H0-4-4tank1904H. WainrightSECR17,35864
46J0-6-4tank1913H. WainrightSECR20,4005
47L4-4-0tender1914H. WainrightSECR18,91022
48L14-4-0tender1926R. MaunsellSR18,91015
49N2-6-0tender1917R. MaunsellSECR26,04080
50N12-6-0tender1923R. MaunsellSR27,7006
51O10-6-0tender1903J. StirlingSER17,30052
52P0-6-0tank1909H. WainrightSECR7,8348
53R0-4-4tank1891W. KirtleyLCDR15,15015
54R10-4-4tank1900H. Wainrightex LCDR15,15013
55R10-6-0tank1910H. Wainrightex SER18,47813
56S0-6-0tank1917R. MaunsellSR19,5191
57T0-6-0tank1879W. KirtleyLCDR18,5092
58U2-6-0tender1928R. MaunsellSR23,86650
59U12-6-0tender1928R. MaunsellSR23,38721
60W2-6-4tank1931R. MaunsellSR29,45215
62A1X0-6-0tank1911L. BillintonLBSCR7,60011
63B44-4-0tender1899R. BillintonLBSCR17,7007
64B4X4-4-0tender1922L. BillintonLBSCR19,64512
65C20-6-0tender1892R. BillintonLBSCR18,0503
66C2X0-6-0tender1908D. MarshLBSCR19,20045
67C30-6-0tender1906D. MarshLBSCR19,2008
68D10-4-2tank1873W. StroudleyLBSCR15,20016
69D30-4-4tank1892R. BillintonLBSCR17,43028
70D3X0-4-4tank1909D. MarshLBSCR17,4301
71E10-6-0tank1874W. StroudleyLBSCR18,60030
72E1R0-6-2tank1927R. MaunsellSR18,60010
73E20-6-0tank1913L. BillintonLBSCR21,30010
74E30-6-2tank1891R. BillintonLBSCR21,30016
75E40-6-2tank1897R. BillintonLBSCR19,18070
76E4X0-6-2tank1909D. MarshLBSCR19,1804
77E50-6-2tank1902R. BillintonLBSCR16,40024
78E5X0-6-2tank1911D. MarshLBSCR17,4004
79E60-6-2tank1904R. BillintonLBSCR21,20010
80E6X0-6-2tank1911D. MarshLBSCR22,5002
81H14-4-2tender1905D. MarshLBSCR20,0703
82H24-4-2tender1911D. MarshLBSCR24,5206
83I1X4-4-2tank1925R. MaunsellLBSCR18,45018
84I34-4-2tank1907D. MarshLBSCR22,10026
85J4-6-2tank1910D. MarshLBSCR20,8002
86K2-6-0tender1913L. BillintonLBSCR26,60017
87N15X4-6-0tender1934R. MaunsellSR23,3007

* the name/s of the actual designer/s of the engines bought from Hawthorn Leslie seem to be lost in the mists of time

KESRKent and East Sussex Railway
LBSCRLondon, Brighton and South Coast Railway
LCDRLondon, Chatham and Dover Railway
LSWRLondon and South Western Railway
PDSWJRPlymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway
SDCSouthampton Dock Company
SECRSouth Eastern and Chatham Railway
SERSouth Eastern Railway
SRSouthern Railway
U.S.A.T.C.U. S. Army Transportation Corps

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