Taunton North

by Paul Rowntree

Set in the 1950/60s, the layout is the last mile or so and terminus of the Taunton branch of the SR main line from Yeovil to Lilstock (east of Minehead in Bridgewater Bay). The branch was about 2 1/2 miles long from the triangular Monkton Junction from where there was also a branch to the S&DJR station at Bridgewater.

Although a branch, most trains from Waterloo to Lilstock including the ACE (except Saturdays) reverse in and out due to the importance of the town, as do through trains from the north via the S&D. Limited services from Paddington also are joined here due to a link at Durston (as at Ilfracombe, the GWR obtained running powers).

Local services run to Yeovil Town, Lilstock Bridgewater and Evercreech with a few through trains a day to Chard Junction over the GWR.

The partly single track branch is therefore very busy and the terminus comprises main and bay platform, goods yard, milk & parcels dock, carriage sidings and motive power depot and the line was colour light signalled by the SR in the 1930's to help cope with traffic.

The layout has 6x 4 foot by 1.25 foot panels in a U shape, the last being a fiddle yard. The first two are virtually complete, the third half done and the fourth and fifth which will have a halt and station respectively have track only at present.

The layout has working SR concrete lamp posts adapted from the Langley posts and the current is actually fed to the lamps from the overhead wires. The signalling is also based on 1930's colour light signals and courtesy of Roger Murray has what I believe to be the only 4 aspect cluster signals that exist in N gauge, one of which is on a Westinghouse gantry.

There will also be a milk depot up the line when I build it!

Rolling stock includes all the usual suspects plus a Q1 and some Bulleid stock as well as a bubble car class 121 DMU

All of the pictures below are by Paul Rowntree.

Layout View of the first two boards of the layout showing Taunton North station and MPD.
Q1 33007 shunts syphon milk vans in the milk/parcels dock, behind is Bradfords coal dock. Layout
Layout A similar view to the above with the motive power depot in the background.
View of the Lilstock portion of the ACE ready to depart after reversal at Taunton North. In the background is a 4 aspect cluster signal on a Westinghouse bracket controlling the exit from the bay platform. Layout
Layout View of Taunton North station with class 121 forming local service to Bridgewater and Evercreech in the bay platform.

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