Middleton to Endsley

by Richard Sheppard
My former layout was a fictional branch located somewhere near the coast servicing a medium size country town (Middleton) and a coastal town with a small port (Endsley). There was also a fictional steam engine depot (operational) which I used to store my loco collection. This was joined to the rest of the layout via a scenic break.

I chose a fictional layout as I didn't want to get tied down by prototype running and wanted to produce a working layout where trains had somewhere to go. I came into the hobby knowing very little and have learned a lot by trial and era. There was still a lot wrong with my layout, some of which was fixed/changed, some that wasn't. I have learnt that to get good rolling stock you will need to go in for kits and while I am okay with plastic and white metal , I have only just turned my hand to brass. I haven't tried building a loco yet as I can't afford to buy one.

The layout was built using a mixture of PECO Code 100 streamline and set track. Middleton was built first and was built using set track (big mistake). All points were motorised except for the new section at the port (2 points). The engine depot had a lot of isolated sections to allow locos to be shedded together (this was another area still under construction.).

The scenery on the layout, as I have stated before, is mostly bits of childhood memories from England (I came to Australia when I was 12) as well as locations for freight to be shunted to i.e. dairy, gas works, port, coal yards and a warehouse.

All locos thus far where purchased RTR, 3 of which are second hand kit-built. The layout was really only suited to tank locos but I like to think that now and again a light pacific may have ventured down the line with  a holiday special. It had to run back tender first and light to the mainline junction where it was turned and then ran back the next day again light.

This layout has now been taken apart to make way for a new layout with a double track main line.

The following video captures are by Richard Sheppard.

Middleton This was my starting point (Middleton) which started life as a terminus station but became a through station. In this shot a Q1 (behind the water tower - Dapol) is taking a small mixed freight down to the port at Endsley and a Terrier stands outside the Prototype engine shed. The signal box is also by Prototype and signals are from Ratio (working). The track here disappears into a tunnel just after the over bridge and under the farm, copse and windmill. There is also a disused cutting leading to a tunnel, the track long since pulled up. There is a nearby RAF base to which the truck is heading (Airfix). I wanted to get an Airfix Tiger Moth to build and suspend overhead. Backscenes were in the process of being added
The Endsley station area. The station line terminates at the platform while the lines behind and through the goods shed run on to the port. The line through the goods shed also runs on in the other direction to the dairy alongside the canal. I have used a lot of Dapol kits but the terraced houses are scratch built. The goods shed is Heljan, as is the engine shed. The station canopy is Ratio. Endsley
Canal A Hornby Schools class loco crosses the viaduct over the canal.

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