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For Sale

Martin Allen, :
Official Southern Railway & BR (S) Booklets
Southern Railway Instructions to Engineers Department Staff, 1936. Fair condition.
Waterloo Station Centenary 1848-1948 by H.G. Davis 1948. Illustrated, 32 pages. Mint condition.
BR (S) Electrified Lines Instructions. BR 29857 of 1966. Good condition.
Ditto, Supplement No.1. BR 29857/1 of 1968. Mint condition.
Ditto, Supplement No.2. BR 29857/2 of 1974. Mint condition.
Ditto, Extracts. BR 29865 of 1966. Good condition.
Ditto, reprinting BR 29857 of 1976 Good condition.
Ditto, Supplement No.2 of 1981 Fair condition.
Photographic Booklets
Bygone South Eastern Steam Vol.2 Passenger Rolling Stock by A. Ratcliffe. Illustrated, 64 pages. Mint condition.
Bournemouth Railscene No.4 Peco Publications 28 pages. Fair condition.
Days of Steam No.2 Waterloo-Bournemouth MAP Publications. Good condition.
British Rail in the Fifties No.3 Southern Region. Ian Allan Mint condition.
British Railway Stations Illustrated No.3, Kent, Surrey & Sussex. Railway & Technical Press. Not dated but 1950s. Good condition.
GWR wagons Before 1948 Vol.1 (Railways in Profile No.15) Cheona Publications. Mint condition. Sold
Photographic Hardbacks
Southern Steam on Shed. Bradford Barton 1975 (1st. edition). Good condition.
Southern Steam in Works. Bradford Barton 1978 (1st. edition). Good condition. Sold
Southern Steam in Close-Up. Bradford Barton not dated but c.1975 (1st edition). Good condition. Sold
Southern Steam Loco Survey, The Adams Classes. Bradford Barton 1978 (1st edition). Good condition. Sold
Recollections of the Southern. Bradford Barton 1976 (1st. edition). Good condition.
More Southern Steam on Shed. Bradford Barton 1975 (1st. edition). Good condition.
The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. Bradford Barton not dated but c.1975 (1st edition). Good condition.
Southern EMUs in Colour, by J.C. Morgan. Ian Allan 1994. Mint condition.
Reference Booklets
The Bideford, Westward Ho! & Appledore Railway 1901-1917 by D. Stuckey Town & Country Press, not dated. 20 pages, mint.
What Happened to Steam. The Southern H15, N15, S15, LN, G16 & H16 classes. P.B. Hands, 1980. Mint condition.
HMRS Livery Register No.3 LSWR & Southern (note, photocopy only, not original book) Reading copy.
Southern Region Two Character Headcodes. Southern Electric Group 1981. Fair condition.
Reference Books
Salute to the Southern by C.J Allen. Ian Allan 1974. Good condition.
The Great Days of the Southern Railway. P. Whitehouse & D St. John Thomas 1992.
Preserved Railway Stockbooks & Guidebooks
The Mid-Hants "Watercress" Line, a brief history. July 1977 edition. Line history, illustrated. Mint condition.
The Mid-Hants "Watercress" Line, a brief history. May 1979 edition. Line history, illustrated. Mint condition.
The Mid-Hants "Watercress" Line, stockbook 1978 edition. Illustrated. Mint condition.
The Mid-Hants "Watercress" Line, stockbook 1979 edition. Illustrated. Mint condition.
The Mid-Hants "Watercress" Line, stockbook 1983 edition. Illustrated. Mint condition.
Sittingbourne & Kemsley stockbook and guide 1975 edition. Illustrated. Mint condition.
Kent & East Sussex railway stockbook, not dated but early 1970s. Illustrated. Mint condition.
Kent & East Sussex railway guidebook, not dated but early 1970s. Illustrated. Mint condition.
Swanage Railway stockbook, Second edition 1980. Illustrated. mint condition.
3142 Portsmouth to Peterborough. Southern Electric Group 1977. 12 pages. Mint condition.
Official Drawings (Paper Prints)
General arrangement, 36t steam crane (Brighton District) Ransome & Rapier Cranes 1196s and 1197s,11-9-57. Scale 1/4"=1'-0" Sold
Outline arrangement, 15t Cowans Sheldon crane No. 202s Eastern Section. Not dated but early 1950's. Scale 1/4"=1'-0"
Ditto, Nos. 315s (Eastern Section) & 316s (Central Section). Scale 1/4"=1'-0"
Ditto, No. 32s (Western Section) Maker not stated. Scale 1/4"=1'-0"
Ditto, Crane No's 2 & 4 Location not stated. Scale 1/4"=1'-0"
Platform water bowser truck, 275 gallons (self-propelled, rubber tyred, for filling coach water tanks) Scale 1 1/4"=1'-0"
Accident at Windmill Jcn, 13-2-54. 6-PUL EMU derailment. Track and signalling plan with train formation details. Scale 40'=1"
Salisbury East & West signalboxes, ARP arrangements (installation of flat roof) Hand coloured. Scale 1/4"=1'-0" Sold
SR pattern locomotive water crane (swing jib type) Glenfield & Kennedy manufacturing blueprint, 29-12-1925. Scale 1 1/2"=1'
Official Photographs of Locos, Carriages & Wagons
These are B&W prints obtained from the NRM library. Vehicles are in SR livery unless otherwise stated.
Locomotives NºA816 N class 2-6-0 with "Steam Heat Conservation" experiment. (left ¾ view). 11"x8".
Ditto, right 3/4 view. 11"x8".
Ditto, front end. 11"x8".
NºE118 Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2T "Lew". 8"x5".
Coaching Stock
Nº1 6-wheel camping coach (No.1661 painted on end). 11"x9".
NºS 7892 Bulleid Tavern car, BR blood & custard "half timbered" livery. 8"x6".
Nº1915 PMV Van side view. Print size 11"x9".
Nº1737 CCT van, marked "Covcar" 3/4 view. 11"x8".
Nº51247 Ventilated meat van. 11"x9".
Nº51298 Ventilated meat van, 11"x8".
Nº4414 6-wheel chassis for road-rail milk tanker. 11"x8".
Nº4401 4-wheel chassis for Co-Op road-rail milk tanker. 11"x8".
NºGJ 9015 (road registeration number) United Dairies road-rail milk tanker. 8"x5".
Nº46097 12 ton ventilated van, train ferry service. 11"x8".
Nº4579 Bogie Scenery Van, 3/4 view. 8"x5".
Nº61099 Bogie well wagon. Side view. 8"x5".
Nº39242 12t Conflat B with SR container BS 785. 3/4 view. 8"x5".
NºS39516 15t Conflat D. 3/4 view. BR livery. 8"x5".
NºS60113 Bulleid cast steel Flatrol, BR livery. 3/4 view. 8"x5".
NºS61056 "Well B" Flatrol, BR livery. 3/4 view. 8"x5".
NºS44475 10 ton ventilated van, (LSWR wheelsets) 6 1/2" planks. BR livery. 8"x5".
NºS48580 12 ton ventilated van, 6 1/2" planks. BR livery. 8"x5".
NºS56485 25 ton brake van, 6 1/2 & 3 1/2 planks. BR livery. 8"x5"
NºS55160, ditto no sandboxes. BR livery. 8"x5".
NºS55915, Ex. LBSC 20 ton brake van, 3/4 view. BR livery. 8"x5".
NºMS19 (SR for Ministry of Supply) Lettered Warwell No.19. 8"x5".
Accident Report Site Plans
Large scale track plan, signalling diagram and details of train formations for HMRI Accident Inquiries. These are dyeline paper prints, folded.
a) Victoria (Eastern side) collision of "Golden Arrow" and EMU formation 4546/4594 on 9-12-49
b) Victoria (Central side) collision of loco 1263 and EMU formation 6-PUL 3012/3033 on 15-5-50
c) Barnham, derailment of 10:17 Brighton-Portsmouth train, EMU formation 2088/2048/2112 on 1-8-62
d) Caterham, mishap of EMU's 1404 & 1667 on 26-6-45
e) Eastbourne, collision of 6-PUL 3014/3032 and loco 73042 on 25-8-58
f) South Bermondsey, collision of loco 42074 and EMU formation 4709/4376 on 29-1-59
g) South Bermondsey, fatality. Not dated.
h) Southerham Junct., derailment of EMU (number not stated) on 15-6-76
i) Copyhold Junct., derailment of EMU formation 7335/7037/7330 on 28-6-71
j) Drayton, collision of EMU formation 3134/3139/3107 on 8-2-63
k) Windmill Junct., derailment of 6-PUL EMU on 13-2-54
l) Preston Park (Pullman works sidings) derailment of steam crane DS 1196 on 25-10-64
m) Horley, derailment of freight train on 8-4-60 (locomotive number not stated)
The above are offered on the basis of "first come, first served" and "best offer secures". Enquiries please to Martin Allen with your offer. Please do not send cheques until your order is confirmed, books will be dispatched by parcel post within 7 days of receipt of order. Postage at cost, at buyers' expense.


The Maunsell Locomotive Society is looking for any pre-preservation colour slides/photographs or B&W photos of any of the following 5 Maunsell Locomotives:

30847, 31618, 31638, 30541 or 30928

If you can assist, please contact Mike Frackiewicz

The Spinney Light Railway in Farnham is constantly looking to purchase S&T hardware, from TC relays and repeaters through to block instruments and even lever frames for a planned expansion.  The SLR is a fully signalled 7 1/4 gauge railway with a strong Southern bias including several Southern locomotives.  Any assistance welcome, and we welcome visitors on the first and third Saturday of the month.
Please contact Alan Ainslie

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