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Terry Heeley has a fine collection of 7mm Southern models that run on a four track layout in his back garden. There are twelve passenger train sets, each has its own engine, and five can run at once. In addition there are goods trains and he has a Great Western contingent. (But we will not mention that here).

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We are reproducing in these pages photos of much of Terry's stock, which is all arranged in sets. All the photographs have had to be reduced in size, some cropped and all compressed, to maintain our standards for download times, but clicking on each photograph, including those on this page, will take you to a larger, less compressed, file.

Photo 02

Although set in the Southern Railway pre-war era, the emphasis is very much on the locos and stock of the L&SWR and the SE&CR, with some LB&SCR and Maunsell SR stock thrown in for good measure!

Photo 03

All Terry's models (locos, coaches and wagons) are models of specific prototypes and photographs / drawings etc. of that specific loco, coach etc are sought. At the very least they are informed guess work though the vast majority has a photo and a drawing.

Photo 04

Below you will find the index to the photographs and notes about each of the sets, though it will be a while before they are all published!.

Photo05 Set A - The 'King Arthur' Set
Set B - The Boat Train Set
Set C - The Maunsell Low Window Set
Set D - The LC&DR Set
Set E - The Billinton Set
Set F - The SE&CR Set
Set G - The Brighton Set
Set H - The Hastings Set
Set I - The Maunsell Four Coach Set
Set J - The L&SWR Set
Set K - The Maunsell Three Coach Set
Set L - The Parcels Set

All photographs are copyright Terry Heeley

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