Report of the 2006 Bluebell Meeting

Once more, it was decided that there would be an SEmG get-together scheduled to coincide with the July collectors fair at Horsted Keynes.

As with previous years, the majority of those in attendance decided to meet outside the station at approximately 10.30 am to decide on the plan for the day. Other members had meanwhile decided to meet with the main group a little later for the customary tour of the Bluebell Carriage and Wagon works. Richard Salmon meanwhile worked on one of the Metropolitan coaches, and the webmaster was to be found drilling some small holes in rather large pieces of wood hoping that the end result actually ended up suitable for the intended purpose!

tour Richard Salmon finishes conducting the tour of the Carriage and Wagon works. On the appearance of the camera, one rather shy member of the tour decides to find cover!

photograph by Nick Beck

Another usual tradition was carried out subsequently, the group photo on the platform. Unfortunately, by this stage numbers were rather lacking, but some familiar faces can be seen none the less!
Bluebell 2006

Photograph by Nick Beck

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