Report of the 2005 Bluebell Meeting

Following the previous successful event, there was once again a meeting scheduled to coincide with the July collectors fair at Horsted Keynes.

An initial meeting at approximately 10.30 am outside Horsted Keynes station was planned, a further meeting at 12.30 pm by the Carriage and Wagon department, and members arranging rest of their day to suit.  While the majority of those present visited the fair and explored the railway for the day, Colin Duff was to be found gently roasting in the SEG 4 COR motor coach, Richard Salmon conducted several of his famous tours, and even the current webmaster was behind the scenes painting coal box for the Queen Mary brake van (although why the inside has to be white is a mystery...).


tour Momentarily disturbed by the webmaster, Richard Salmon shows the collected group members around the carriage workshops.

photograph by Nick Beck

After the tour, the group posed beside the SEG 4 COR motor coach for the customary 'family' photo, before dispersing once again to finish the day as they saw fit.  Terry manned the 4 COR during the early afternoon to give Colin a break from the heat, and a chance to spend some money, but apparently nothing was quite tempting enough...

Bluebell 2005

Photograph by Nick Beck

From left to right: Graham 'Muz' Muspratt, Tom Winter, Richard Salmon, Colin Duff, Nick Tozer, David Mills, Clive Standen, Terry Heeley and Mike Boydon.  Deborah Salmon was busy working on the final Metropolitan coach, and as usual the webmaster chose not to ruin the photograph with his presence by hiding behind the lens!

After the lunchtime formalities, before taking over from Colin Duff, Terry Heeley produced one of his O gauge locomotives for all to see.  This is King Arthur class Nº 453 'King Arthur', which he scratchbuilt from brass a number of years ago.

photograph by Nick Beck

King Arthur
Due to the smaller number of members able to attend this year, there was no official AGM called, or any other matters undertaken.  Subsequent to the meeting, the Grand Steam Gala at the Swanage Railway on 10th/11th September has been suggested as the next gathering of members, but details are yet to be confirmed.

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