Report of the 2004 Annual General Meeting

A very brief and informal AGM of the Southern E Group was held in the mess room of the Bluebell Carriage and Wagon Works (courtesy of Richard Salmon) circa 1500 on Saturday 17 July. Present were:

John A. Arkell, Nick Beck, Mike Boydon, Tony Bush, David Cockle, Chris Dadson, Colin Duff, Kester J. Eddy, Terry Heeley, Noel Leaver, Martin Marrison, Graham "Muz", Richard Salmon, Peter Staveley and Glen Woods. Note that although this was an informal outing the numbers attending approached the quantity of previous official "conventions".

Group photo

Left to right: Graham "Muz", David Cockle, Tony Bush, Glen Woods, Mike Boyden, Noel Lever, Peter Staveley , Colin Duff, Kester Eddy, Terry Heeley, Martin Marrison, Chris Dadson

Graham "Muz" presented a card to John A. Arkell to convey the best wishes of those present (and the SEmG as a whole) for Elizabeth and John's impending nuptials. Unfortunately a card with a SECR theme could not be found so another SR constituent it had to be!

There then followed a brief discussion about the running and performance of the group. The consensus quickly reached was that compared to many other discussion groups despite all our faults we are doing quite well on matters of keeping to netiquette, plus we continue to maintain authority and accuracy in our data. The quality and quantity of material on the website (our "shop window") was praised, thanks chiefly to the talents and leadership of the outgoing Web master, Peter Richards, but also to the many contributors. The succession of the Web master was briefly discussed - this is currently being negotiated off list. The succession, in principle, of the Listmaster was also briefly discussed - this is being staggered to avoid there being a new List master and new Web master taking over around the same time.

The "meeting" concluded about ten minutes after it started, although many informal conversations, of the sort that had been going on all day, continued

Colin Duff. Committee member without portfolio.

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