The biggest development of the station to date began in November 1990 with the abolition of the north sidings and rolling stock lift to the Waterloo and City line, the building of new platforms in what was formerly the central cab road and demolition of the "Village" office block which separated the main and Windsor line platforms. This allowed Windsor line services to use the main station and for the Windsor line platforms to be demolished to make room for the new Waterloo International Station. The modernistic Waterloo International Station was officially opened 17th May 1993 and is the terminus for Eurostar services through the Channel Tunnel.
Waterloo The Waterloo International concourse is at a level below that of the main station, however the view from the main concourse towards the international platforms is obscured. 30th January 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff>

The modernistic looking International Station trainshed -a Eurostar unit can just be seen within. The interior is sheeted to protect from flying glass as there is a glass shattering problem with the roof - currently the subject of a legal dispute. 17th May 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

Today there are platform capacity problems in the station and South West Trains have launched plans to build a new pedestrian concourse at a high level and then lengthen the platforms into the existing concourse to permit trains of the same number of cars as present but of the newer 23 metre car length. This plan is hotly contested since it would spoil the looks of what is regarded by many as the most spacious and uncluttered terminus in London, and also that since the platform working of Waterloo has always been slacker than at other Southern termini capacity could be increased simply by more intensive working.
Waterloo International This and the following photograph show the interior of the Waterloo International train shed on 10th March 1996.

photographs by John Lewis

Waterloo International
Waterloo International The International platforms at Waterloo as seen from the concourse of the main station before the view was obscured by advertisements.

photograph by John Lewis

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