Templecombe Station

Templecombe station as photographed on 8th March 1964

photograph: Mike Morant collection

The station was originally an interchange between the S&DJR and LSWR, who arrived in 1862 and 1860 respectively. It was extensively rebuilt in 1938, and continued to serve the line until 1965, when the S&D line was closed, along with several other stations. However, in 1983 the station was re-opened, and gradually facilities have been added over time, and it has won awards for the best kept small station.
statue This statue in the garden is of a man supposedly tearing pages out of a timetable and scattering them around himself. As well as the exisiting route, the station used to serve the S&DJR line to Templecombe Junction but is now reduced to a single platform face. The opposite platform is now being used as a car park, and the disused S&DJR platform now forms part of the garden behind the station.
Looking east towards Gillingham. The footbridge was formely in use at Buxted.

photograph by Chris Osment

Looking towards Gillingham
Templecombe Looking west towards Sherborne. The down platform is now a car park, and the area behind the platform on the right used to be the S&DJR platform and connecting lines.

photograph by Chris Osment

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