4Cor 3155 runs through Petersfield with a Portsmouth Harbour to Waterloo semi-fast service in early 1967. Petersfield was the junction for the LSWR branchline to Midhurst, where it met up with the LB&SCR's line from Pulborough via Midhurst to Chichester. The Petersfield - Midhurst branch closed in February 1955.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Petersfield 2 Hal Nº2632 is the leading unit entering the main station but hidden behind it is a single platform, with no protection from the weather, which was where most of the Midhurst services arrived and departed. Passengers changing to or from the main line had to walk up the platform, over the road (the second bogie of the leading coach is on the level crossing) and thence to or from the main station. The line on the left led to the bay platform that the Midhurst train would use if there were heavy parcels to load!

photograph by Keith Harwood

A pair of 2 Bils, with 2107 leading, enter Petersfield with a Waterloo to Portsmouth and Southsea (via Guildford and Worplesdon) stopping service.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Petworth Petworth station on 18th October 1964, showing the station building and the shell of the signalbox still in situ. Petworth was on the east-west line from Pulborough to Petersfield via Midhurst and lost its passenger service on 7th February 1955. The line was subsequently reduced to goods-only from Midhurst eastwards and despite the rather forlorn look of the station, the goods yard behind the photographer was still doing good business in 1964. The line survived for a further 18 months or so and closed completely in May 1966.

photograph by Keith Harwood

The front of Pokesdown station, between Christchurch and Bournemouth.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft


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