No, it's not an excuse to show a nice tram photo! Beyond the tram is the front of New Cross station between London Bridge and St Johns during 1952, despite the Southern Railway station board being still in situ so long after nationalisation. The tram was near the end of its days as the last one ran in London on 5th July that year.

photograph: W. J. Wyse/Mike Morant collection

New Cross
Newhaven Town
View of Newhaven Town station, looking towards Lewes, and of Newhaven Town Signal Box and Level Crossing with the former goods shed in the background. Both photographs taken 23 October 1971.

photographs by Glen Woods

Newhaven Town
D3220 Class 08 D3220 stands on the loco spur at Newhaven Town (the Brighton side of the A259) on 25 June 1972. This line used to continue beyond the buffer stops, across the road and traversed the River Ouse, via the old swing bridge, on its way to the West Mole. This was the well known haunt of the Newhaven Harbour Company's terrier, formerly LBSC 72, that came back 'into the fold' at Nationalisation, being renumbered 32636, now running in preservation on the Bluebell railway as LBSC 472.

photograph by Glen Woods

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