Feniton A station of many names, Feniton must surely be one of the ugliest on the ex-Southern network! Originally opened on 18th July 1860 as Feniton it was renamed Ottery and Sidmouth Road on 1st July 1861. In February 1868 it was changed to Feniton for Ottery St Mary and then when the branch to Sidmouth was opened on 6th July 1874 the name was changed again to Sidmouth Junction, the name it kept until the station closed on 6th March 1967. Fuelled partly by a housing development on the site of the old goods yard, a successful local campaign led to the station being re-opened on 5th May 1971 as Feniton once more. The station buildings had been demolished after closure so this montrosity was erected in 1974. The platform was lengthened in 1992 but despite that is shorter than some of the trains that call here. Photographed on 6th April 2009.

photograph by Chris Osment

Forest Row Station, on the line from Three Bridges to East Grinstead, in the rain!

photograph by Keith Harwood

Forest Row
Forest Row An interesting sign at Forest Row. The top, cast, sign is obviously form Southern Railway days. The middle, wooden(?), sign could be from LB&SCR days whilst the bottom, enamel, sign looks as if it is very much from BR(S) days.

photograph by Keith Harwood

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