Exmouth The line to Exmouth from Exmouth Junction, on the main line east of Exeter, originally opened on 1st May 1861, with another route from Exmouth to Tipton St Johns (and on to Sidmouth Junction, now Feniton) opening 1st June 1903. This photograph, taken on 22nd July 1979, shows the run-down old station, reduced to having a single platform in use, having once boasted four.

photograph by Graham Bendell

Looking more like an industrial unit, this is the outside of the present-day station.

Today this is the terminus of the "Avocet Line", so called as it runs past an important bird sanctuary which is home to the Pied Avocet.

photograph by Chris Osment

Exmouth The platform side of the station. Originally provided with two platforms, by the 1920s the station was so busy that this was increased to four with effect from 20th July 1924.

photograph by Chris Osment

Another view of the platform road which, like so many others today, has been reduced in status to that of a glorified siding. There were plans to rebuild the station with two platforms, but local opposition seems to have put paid to this as, it seems, the populace of Exmouth prefers a new Supermarket to an improved station and train service!

photograph by Chris Osmentt

Exton Exton station, between Exmouth Junction and Exmouth (previously known as Woodbury Road) looking north, photographed on 6th April 2009.

photograph by Chris Osment

A view of the platform looking south. Residents here not only enjoy a good view of passing trains but also the many birds that visit the Exe estuary each year.

photograph by Chris Osment

Exton Paignton-bound Pacer unit Nº143603 approaching Exton's platform.

photograph by Chris Osment

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