Denmark Hill The Victorian finery of Denmark Hill station. The tracks on the left form the South London Line looking towards Brixton and Victoria, those on the right are part of the ex-LCDR Catford Loop line. The station building now houses a pub.

photograph by John Lewis

Dormans station, on the East Grinstead line, was opened in 1884 and the front of the station is seen here as photographed on the 14th September 2008.

photograph by Greg Beecroft

Dover Harbour Dover Harbour station, now long closed, was one of three originally serving Dover. Opened in early 1865 it was first known as Dover Town and Harbour but was renamed Dover Harbour on 1st July 1899. The station had an overall roof over its two platforms and an unusual feature - part of the down platform was on wheels allowing a section to be swung out of the way to give access to the line to the Prince of Wales Pier and the Promenade Railway. Closed on 11th July 1927, the platforms and overall roof were removed two years later but the main station building remains in situ.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

A view of the site of the platforms. The tracks have been slewed across to the right as where the right hand line is was originally the site of one of the platforms.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Dover Harbour
Dover Harbour Looking from the opposite direction. Originally there were three tracks, with the line to the Prince of Wales Pier and the Promenade Railway branching off to the right about three quarters of the way down the platform, just before the present day road overbridge.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Droxford station, on the Meon Valley line from Alton to Fareham, which closed in February 1955. The section from Knowle Junction (between Fareham and Botley on the line from Fareham to Eastleigh) remained open for freight until April 1962. In the mid 60s Droxford was the base for an abortive attempt to reopen the line and the track there was used to test the Sadler Pacerailer Railbus, seen here in early 1967.

photograph by Keith Harwood


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