Chandlers Ford Station Chandlers Ford Station, between Eastleigh and Romsey, has recently been rebuilt.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Another view of the new Chandlers Ford station. Both photographs were taken on 18th April 2009.

photograph by Gregory Beecroft

Chandlers Ford Station
Chiswick Station Chiswick Station.

photograph by Ray Soper

Cowden Station, between Hever and Ashurst, on the line that is now truncated at Uckfield.

photograph by Ray Soper

Cowden Station
Cowden Station One of the old station oil lamps, with the station name incorporated into the lamp, and attached 'Sausage Totem'.

photograph by Ray Soper

Crowhurst Station Crowhurst station, on the SECR line to Hastings, looking north towards Tunbridge Wells. Junction for the former branch to Bexhill West, which closed in June 1964, Crowhurst had a spacious layout and featured two through roads in each direction on the main line and two bay platforms for the Bexhill West branch. Trains arriving from the branch would use the bay on the left of the picture and would then shunt across the main lines to the opposite bay ready for their 4½ mile return journey.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Today the station is a mere shadow of its former self. The through roads have been removed and all the station buildings shown in the picture have been demolished. In their place is a small brick built booking office on the up platform which opens for just 4 hours on Monday to Friday mornings. Nonetheless, for such a small rural location Crowhurst has a remarkably good train service, being served by all commuter trains to and from London and an hourly service at off peak times and weekends.

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