Beddington Lan

photograph reproduced by arrangement with Honeywood Heritage Centre, Carshalton, courtesy of Tony Price

Beddington Lane on the West Croydon to Wimbledon line (now Tramlink) was opened as Beddington on 22nd October 1855 and renamed Beddington Lane in January 1887. Notice the differences in the men's clothes - the man in the top hat is probably the station master as the more formal dress marks his importance. This view is looking towards Croydon, with the gates over Beddington Lane immediately at the end of the platform. The station was only ever a single platform on a single line although there were copious sidings on the Croydon side for the Croydon Cable Co., the Demolition and Construction Co. and Edwards Construction Co.
Broadstone station looking east towards Ringwood and Brockenhurst. The lines in the foreground are part of the "old line" from Hamworthy Junction on the LSWR main line. The platforms on the right of the photograph were served by trains from Bournemouth West to Brockenhurst, Salisbury, and the Somerset and Dorset line. The junction for the latter is immediately beyond the Signalbox which can just be seen in the background.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Broadstone Footbridge The sign inside the enclosed footbridge indicating the three separate services that were available from Broadstone. The lines to Brockenhurst and Salisbury closed in May 1964 and the Somerset and Dorset closed in March 1966.

photographs by Keith Harwood

A view taken from the eastern end of Broadstone station. The line trailing in from the left is the Somerset and Dorset from Bath and Templecombe. Straight ahead is the "old road" (from Hamworthy Junction) to Brockenhurst via West Moors and Ringwood. Trains for Salisbury will leave this line at West Moors. Note the brick built signalbox.

photograph by Keith Harwood


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